Aqaba Diving Academy

The fun of water entertainment and diving experience in the southern beach of Aqaba city.

About Academy

Aqaba Diving Academy is specialized in tourist diving and has a wonderful team of divers and instructors with great experience in diving and water photography in the Gulf of Aqaba. The academy offers training programs with special skills and designs in proportion to the skill and experience levels of the academy goers to ensure safe and enjoyable diving.

For beginners, the center offers experiential diving directly from the south shore to let you see the underwater world. Equipment rentals with open water snorkeling trips, snorkeling adventures for kids, day trips, deep sea diving and a host of other water sports and activities are all available. Through the diving club, it is also possible to book an underwater photography service to take memorial photos of your unique trip in the Red Sea.

Academy Services

Aqaba Diving Academy offers a range of services needed by Aqaba region tourists, starting with diving trips and water recreational games, and even giving courses for diving inside the academy and provided by a team of expert diving instructors. Diving has become an absolute necessity during your vacation in Aqaba city.

Diving Sites in the Red Sea

Diving sites are located in the Red Sea on the southern shore of Aqaba, each one offers a unique view of fascinating marine life, diverse coral reefs, colorful fish or even shipwrecks, suitable for a wide range of experience levels. If you are not sure what is the best diving site for you, our diving centre can help you choose the best diving place, there are a variety of wonderful diving places to spend the most beautiful times and take beautiful pictures.

Why the Gulf of Aqaba?

The Gulf of Aqaba is home to some of the world’s most amazing and safest dive sites suitable for different age groups. It is the most attractive diving center in the Middle East, whether for deep scuba diving or snorkeling and a destination for underwater adventures.

With the warm and harmonious temperature of the waters of the Red Sea, you will find diverse marine life and amazing coral reefs. The Red Sea is ideal for deep sea diving all year round.

Diving puts the shores of the Red Sea of ​​Aqaba on the list of international tourist cities, in relation to the beautiful nature it contains, which is unique to it, as well as marine creatures that may have become extinct on some beaches in other countries, which makes the Red Sea the destination for most nationalities of the world to practice diving and watch beautiful coral reefs.