Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan, an otherwise landlocked country. But not every country can boast a city with such a beautiful setting as Aqaba, with the red mountains of Wadi Rum in the background and the Red Sea in the foreground. Aqaba is a resort city and a port city, with tourism a major industry and undergoing a major expansion with new luxury neighborhoods, attractions, and hotels opening.  The main attraction of Aqaba is, of course, its Red Sea coastline, and the beaches, diving, watersports, and coastal resorts, that come with that. But the city’s center and markets are becoming increasingly attractive .

Also Aqaba is an important and attractive destination for underwater enthusiasts all over the world. There are diving sites spread under the surface of the Red Sea. Over the past twenty years, recreational diving has become one of the most important types of sports in Aqaba for tourists who practice diving.

The Aqaba Diving Academy provides daily diving trips and diving courses, at all levels, including open water diving, and advanced diving with accredited certificates.  Diving equipment is also rented to divers who have certificates and wish to do so. Some people prefer excursions that include boat diving to get ideas for diving in the Red Sea. And daily Group Boat Diving. Over the past few years, we have begun offering special diving courses and training for the physically challenged, energetic and adventurous people who want to see the Red Sea’s amazing treasures up close and interact with their own personal feelings. We also offer diving for children from 10 years old. Children can participate in an introductory diving course designed specifically to teach diving and gain experience. And corals and various fish.

 Because swimming is considered one of the best sports in the world, it combines the health benefits of the body with the fun we live in. Swimming is where practitioners of this sport enjoy fitness, mental clarity and healthy body structure. We provide educational and training swimming for all groups. We also offer all types of water games services.

 You can also enjoy fishing in the Red Sea with us, and we also offer a service to book accommodation at the nearest and best diving spot. We provide transportation services if desired.

 After all, we are one family, and we want to love and share fun and joy with you.